Climbing In the Ubaye Valley

For a few years, a small group of enthousiastic voluntary local guides have been continuously developing beautiful routes in the high peaks in exceptional surroundings. Currently the Ubaye boasts over 450 different pistes of all difficulties in various locations. For climbers the Ubaye Valley is a preserved hidden treasure, and camping River is perfectly located with it all being within a 10km radius of the campsite.

More Information

All the sites are maintained and equipped by the voluntary association Ubay’Escalades, whose main aim is to develop, create and take care of these natural climbing sites.

The association Ubay’Escalades have created 2 guide books covering all the sportive routes (short climbs)(couennes) and the mountain routes and alpine routes.

In purchasing these books, you support the voluntary work of the guides, equipping and maintaining all the routes in the Ubaye Valley.

Couennes en Ubaye

There are 10 sites facing all directions so climbing is possible all year round. The 10 sites boast approximately 450 pistes sportive ranging from 10 to 80 metres long and containing all climbing levels from beginners (3) to experts (9)

All the routes are referenced in the book ‘Couennes en Ubaye’ which is on sale at the campsite.


The guide book ‘UBAYE’ contains all the mountain and alpine routes. There are 250 routes of various lengths providing equipped routes and/or adventure climbs on the main summits of the valley, ranging from difficulty AD to ED.

All the routes and courses are referenced in the ‘UBAYE’ which is on sale at the campsite.


Due to a pair of Peregrine Falcans taking up residence, certain climbs maybe temporarily forbidden between 1st April and 30th June. Please respect the signs.

For those of you who like to share your experiences climbing in the region, there is “News” book called le ‘cahier des grimpeurs’ which can be found in the “CAFÉ DE LA PAIX” 2 pl Aimé Gassier, 04400 BARCELONNETTE.

Equipment is possible to purchase or rent in the shop ‘La Montagne Sport’, 25 Av. Antoine Signoret, 04400 Barcelonnette.

Clients of Camping River receive 20% discount on the purchase and rental of equipment at ‘La Montagne Sport’ (guide books excepted).

Hire a guide - Valentin DAUMAS

Graduated with a DEJEPS in Climbing in Natural Environments. Passionate about mountains and climbing, I am enthusiastic to share new experiences with you and to be able to share my knowledge. The activities that I will be able to guide you in are, beginners and improvement in climbing on the ‘pistes sportive’ or ‘couennes’ (short routes), mountain and alpine routes (a whole days experience or broken into stages), as well as Via Ferrata. I am a local guide in the Valley of the Ubaye, which is an ideal playground and where the sun is often shining!


1/2 day 35€ per person
Full day 55€ per person
(upwards of 4 people)

Parcours Adventure
Via corda / Zip Wire / Abseiling
from 220€, 10 people max

Via Ferrata
In Digne les bains: 35€ per person
La Motte du Caire: 38€ / 45€ per person
(upwards of 4 people)


Telephone: 06 30 72 31 16
Facebook: valD.moniteurescalade